Become a Fire Ninja

1. Log on to club penguin

2. Get on any server

3. Go to the Ninja hide out

4. Click on the Martial Arts book

5. Buy the Amulet (Members Only)

6. After you buy this Amulet, exit out of the book

7. Click on the Fire Ninja part of the hide out in the Middleish Left

8. Go into the fire dojo door (Members Only)

9. Walk to Sensei

10. A message will pop up saying “Do you want to talk to Sensei?”

11. Click yes

12. Sensei should give you a starter pack

13. Click “Earn Your Fire Suit”


14. Keep playing until you earn all these items

15. When you are done with earning all your items, you have to challenge the Sensei to earn your Red amulet

16. You are now a fire ninja!



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