Become a Ninja

1. Log on to club penguin

2. Get on any server

3. Click on the map and click on the Doj at the top of the map

4. Go in to the Dojo

5. Talk to Sensei

6. A message will pop up saying “Do you want to talk to the Sensei?”

7. Click yes

8. Sensei should give you a starter player card pack

9. Once you get a starter pack, click “Earn your belts”

10. Wait for more players to join

11. Keep playing until you are to your black belt

12.  Here are all the belts you have to earn

13.  Once you earn your black belt you have to beat the Sensei witch is kind of hard, but I even managed to do it.

14. Then you will be a Ninja!

15. You will be able to go into the Ninja Hideout when you become a full ninja!



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