E.P.F. Agent

1. Log on to club penguin

2. Go on to any server

3. Ask a penguin to send you a E.P.F. post card

4. When that is done, click the go there button and you should be at the Phoning Facility

5. Click on the ringing phone on the wall

6. Click the sign that says “Click to take the test”

7. Hit the target with a snow ball

8. It will ask you to go to the green square after that

9. Run to the red square when the bars around you go down

10. After you have done this, the screen will ask you to hide. Hide behind the 4th pillar where the green square was

11. After the time is up, the cameras will search then the first pillar will open up and there will be a blue square

12. Walk on to the blue square

13. You are trapped! Oh No!!!

14. Throw a snowball at the power box across the room

15. You should now be a EPF agent! Go ahead and walk in to the elevator to view field- ops, missions, or play system defender!



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